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Welcome to the Body Positive Rocks Blog! This blog is all about tackling the issue of self -love, body love, and being healthy and happy which is more important today than it has ever been. You will find information on what the Body Positive Movement is, who some of the influential people are making this movement possible, and how you can help wherever you may ne in the world. I will also cover news stories about how this movement is affecting and influencing others around you. Being body positive covers all men, women, and teens of any color, shape, height and size. My goal is to inform all who come to this blog that being body positive is a reality that is happening here and now and we all need to help spread the message!  

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IMG_1056Your Author: Sierra is a senior at West Virginia University. She is a Public Relations major with a minor in Communication Studies.  Sierra wants to be an event coordinator in Los Angeles with a concentration in wedding planning after graduating from WVU in May of 2016. Her hobbies include listening to music, watching movies, taking pictures, and painting wine glasses.