The Wrap Up- Fashion Edition

So as usual TGIF! I am more than excited to say that this is the last day of class for me so I’m truly on cloud 9 and I hope your Friday is going as well as mine is. This wrap up edition is a little different because it’s all about fashion so I’m going to call it Fab Fashion Friday. Let’s get talking!


lovesickBy now you should know that the two things that make me exited are campaigns and new fashion lines for the guys and gals that have more to offer. (I’m finally trying not to use the term plus size so bare with me as a try out some new terminology). Although the lines in this post don’t cater to men they may in due time. (Sorry guys but I got ya next week!) The first line that I’m excited to talk about is the child of Torrid and Hot Topic and it’s called Lovesick. Can we take a moment to give some lovin to this name? Besides absolutely loving the name, the clothes aren’t bad either. It’s definitely not as Goth, teen, angry yet fun centric as Hot Topic and it’s not a line primarily consisting of dark colors like Torrid. Lovesick is completely independent with florals and bright spring colors with only a few dark pieces. Lovesick also provides more of a grown up look and style while capitalizing on what’s trendy and hip for the older crowd which allows you (and me too) to look cool without looking like we aren’t dressing our age. Lovesick starts at a size 10 and goes up to a 26. It’s a little cheaper than Torrid but not by much. I think the average person would consider $30-$50 pieces the norm when dealing with retail and bigger sizes. Overall, I’m Lovesick for this line (see what I did there)! And if none of this has moved you byrXyyehto shop here then maybe their good deeds will. If you follow the news than you know that providing an education to girls around the world is proving to be difficult and Lovesick is committed to being a part of changing this. Lovesick is included in the “Because I am a Girl” project that provides funds and supplies to girls in developing countries so they can receive the education they rightly deserve. From April 2016 to June 2017, Lovesick will donate 1% of their sales to guarantee a $100,000 donation. Buying clothes for a good cause, what more could you ask for?!


CREST_LOGO_URLHas anyone ever heard of JustFab? I’m sure you have. They offer this great service for $39.99 a month (cheaper if you’re VIP status) and you can shop for shoes, handbags, jewelry, and clothes. The clothes section wasn’t useful to me until now. JustFab created a line for women with curves and called JustFab Plus and it’s pretty cute and trendy clothes that are available up to a size 3X. The collection only consist on 35 pieces which is small as it is new but there is a promise of more to come and I’m honestly pretty stoked about it.From the looks of it, they are already off to a great start with blouse liked dresses that look lightweight and comfy and the distressed jeans are to kill for. For only 35 pieces, the line is already screaming with sexiness and comfort for the young professionals who work by day and party by night. I’ve always wanted to take advantage of services like JustFab (ShoeDazzel anyone?) but it just never seemed to make sense because I couldn’t take full advantage to what they had to offer and now I can. Of course you have to be a paying member in order to enjoy the benefits of this line but it may be worth it. Plus their shoe game is on point! I think it would be smart to wait until their line fully develops with new pieces so we can see exactly where they are going inspiration wise but it’s definitely something to keep our eyes on for the future.



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