The Wrap Up

It may be raining but the sun is still shining in my world because it’s Friday and I am 1 week away from school being over and summer break is here. So smile wherever you are because even if you’re having a crappy Friday, know that it will all get better soon!


So we all know that I love a good campaign. I’ve mentioned a few in past posting that you can read about here and here. I am uber excited to bring you yet another campaign that rocks and it was created by Dove, who I think makes really great self love campaigns. Their “Real Beauty” campaign really hit it out of the park for me so I am fully on board for the brand new #LoveYourHair campaign. This campaign celebrates the diversity that is present when you are discussing the hair. From long, short, straight, kinky, or curly, Dove wants to celebrate it all and I can’t be any more excited about it considering I’m a curly girl and sometimes I just want to go bald (if you have crazy hair then you understand!).

To keep the empowerment train rolling, I found this amazing documentary by Oliva Campbell, a plus size model who filmed herself getting candid and real about her body and what it means and feel like to be fat in today’s society. If you visit Stylelikeu, you can view this powerful material that features women stripping down literally and metaphorically about their bodies. Altogether, this piece is relatable and will definitely hit home for any woman who does or has ever felt unsecure about their bodies.



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