The Wrap Up- The follow up edition

I’m it’s glad it’s Friday and the sun is shining. Happy Weekend to everyone! I’m here to share some news s let’s do the Wrap Up!


Let’s first discuss a follow up to a story I previously posted. Back in February I posted about Forever 21+ and the controversy surrounding their Instagram and not using plus sized models that reflect real women. Read the post here. I am so happy to say that Forever 21+ has come up with a solution. Now their Instagram will feature their customers in their plus size fashions. Of course the pictures of models will stay but now customers have the opportunity to see themselves on social media. I think this was a very creative way for Forever 21+ to show they were listening to the feedback they were receiving and that they were more than willing to respond. Fantastic job Forever 21+!

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Ashley Graham is still making controversy and unfortunately, it doesn’t look like its stopping anytime soon. So I’m sure we all remember when she graced the cover of Sports Illustrated and upset some because she is a plus size model. Read post here. Well it seems like history is repeating itself with a little twist. Ashley graced the cover on Maxim, the super racy men’s magazine, and now people are upset because of Photoshop. Sound familiar? Apparently the big issue is that Ashley doesn’t look like her usual size 16 self. I understand because she does look smaller but as I stated before, Photoshop is sadly common when you’re famous. I would love if people found something else to worry about or we can just celebrate she is on the cover. Just Sayin’.

Stay tuned for more follow ups next Friday!


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