SAAM 2016 part 2

Happy Friday Yall!!!!! I hope someone out there somewhere is having nice weather because April here in WV is really sucking right now.



In continuing with Sexual Assault Awareness Month, today’s blog post is dedicated to an amazing project that I think is worth talking about in honor of this month’s theme and in closing out National It’s On Us Week. So Let’s Talk About…

Pact 5

pac 1Pact 5 is a project that promotes sexual assault awareness by having students make mini documentaries. Pact 5 was initially started by the collaborative efforts of 5 universities (Rowan University (NJ), California State University at Northridge, Western State Colorado University, Northern Illinois University, and Framingham State University (MA) who just wanted to share the stories of others to help deter behavior that lead to sexual assault. Today, Pact 5 uses it’s documentaries to focus on all different aspects of college life by providing students information on Greek organizations, residence halls and their advisors, how to contact your universities police department and so much more. Pact 5 welcomes and encourages any and all colleges and universities to join in on the Pact 5 mission and make a commitment to become a safe campus, provide the proper care to sexual assault victims, and to become a support system for the victims friends and family.

pac 2

Pact 5 is unique because of the method they use to reach their target audience, which are college students. You see many promotional ads, commercials, and PSAs but rarely do you see a project that is making a statement and spreading message through the use of documentaries. So much information can be conveyed in a documentary and it may take no longer than 5 minutes, which is why documentaries are so great. Let’s be honest, people and students especially have a very short attention span and the span gets shorter by the second (almost). Today’s youth are growing up with things and information being convenient to them and fast to get to. So when you as an organization with an important message find a channel of communication that can say a lot in a short amount of time, its golden. I encourage you to visit Pact 5 on their website and follow them on Facebook and their other social media platforms. Also if you’re a student, encourage your college or university to join the pact!


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