The Wrap Up March 20-26

It’s raining men for you on this beautiful Friday afternoon. I’m so excited about this delicious piece of news that I’m just going to jump right in and share it with you…


man 6We finally have a plus size male underwear campaign thanks to Aerie and it is super delicious (did I say that already). I previously wrote a blog post about Aerie, the intimate apparel line from American Eagle. What makes Aerie some kind of awesome is their marketing technique. They use real people and real image images, or in other words they don’t Photoshop their models for their marketing campaigns which does amazing things for the body positivity movement.

Aerie launched the #AerieMAN campaign to advertise for the upcoming release of their new men’s line. The campaign material features four diverse men modeling some super sexy underwear using the tagline “The real you is sexy”. Judging from the pictures below, Aerie knows how to capture sexy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The greatness of this campaign is that it’s all about men and let’s be honest, we rarely see images of men in the body positive movement when men are just a part of the movement as any other gender. It’s so great to see men in this light and know that they are finally getting the recognition they deserve.

zach 1Let’s keep the man train going by talking about Zach Miko, the 6 foot 6 male model chunk of goodness who was just signed to IMG modeling agency. He is making news because he isn’t what you usually see in the media when looking at male models (thank goodness) and he is so cute! He literally looks like the all American boy next door! IMG is already working to discredit the term “plus size” for their men and women models by marketing men in a “brawn” category” and their women in a category called “curve”. IMG recognizes the importance of their language so I love that they are marketing with different terminology! Find out more about Zach here and try not to fall in love but feel free to dream about him over the weekend. Your welcomezach 5



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