Let’s Talk About This…

Hey all and Happy Thursday to everyone. I hope everyone is having a good week- I know I am being on Spring Break. It’s always good to take some time out to relax and regain your focus and I can truly say that this week has done just that for me!

As you may have guessed it’s time for Spotlight Thursday. For this week the spotlight is on a really fantastic account on Instagram that I found this week. It’s perfect for body positivity! Let’s Talk About…

Selfies For Self Love


blog 1The second I found his account, I instantly fell in love with it. I felt that I was looking at women that looked like me that weren’t ashamed of their bodies and it was overwhelming encouraging. Selfies for Self Love is an account created by @MsLinsdayM (check out her Body Positive Babe blog here. it’s amazing!) for the sole purpose of promoting diversity in the media and body positivity. This account is populated with pictures of beautiful women taking selfies of themselves using the tag #selfiesforselflove to showcase body acceptance and say that beauty literally comes in every shape, color, and size that you can possibly think of and a lot more!

blog 2This account not only promotes self love but also promotes solidarity among women. Today you can post a selfie using #IBelieveSurvivors to show love and support to the victims of Jian Ghomeshi, a CBC radio host who is facing 5 counts of sexual assault. Jian will be sentenced later today for his alleged crimes. I love that Selfies for Self Love is taking action and providing a voice and support to those that that truly needing it at this time. Please go visit this account, post a selfie, show love and support, and promote body positive today!


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