Let’s Talk About This…

meme 1Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone. Even if you don’t have an ounce of Irish descent in you (like me!) you can totally find a reason to celebrate today and get into the spirit of shamrocks and leprechauns and everything green. In honor of this day I’m going to combine two of my favorite things- Spotlight Thursday and Harry Potter! I’m totally about t show my inner geek for all things Harry Potter so let’s talk about…

Evanna Lynch

luna 1First off I have to say that Luna Lovegood from the most awesome spectacular epic adventure series Harry Potter is just kick-ass and the real life Evanna is just as awesome and she’s Irish (get it! it’s todays theme). Some may not know but before she was a star as the lovely, strange, and unique Luna, Evanna battled anorexia for 2 years when she was 11 years old. It was her correspondence with J.K Rowling and the promise of being in a Harry Potter film if she got healthy that helped Evanna recover and take back her life. Today Evanna is healthy and making news where ever she goes. She is our Spotlight Thursday because for one, I love her, and two, she has something to say and not everyone likes it.

luna 3Evanna takes the time out of her busy schedule to speak about the importance of being a vegan. For anyone who might be confused, vegetarians and vegans stick to a veggie diet but vegans do not eat any animal product which includes eggs, cheese, honey, etc. I know many people have ethical and moral issues with being a vegan but it seems that Evanna just doesn’t care to hear it. Being a vegan herself (Luna may be vegan too!), she encourages veganism for the simple fact that it is good for the environment and the damage that is being done to the environment is an issue that needs to be addressed immediately. She goes on to state that the reason she became a vegan is because of her belief that killing animals for consumption is just wrong. She definitely ruffles feathers when giving speeches because so many people don’t hold that same belief but I think that this girl is awesome for getting out there and promoting an unpopular opinion. She gets a lot of backlash but she just spits it back on you! You can check out this blog post to form your own opinion on veganism!

Evanna is a Spotlight Thursday because she is another shining example of a celebrity saying something that may be unpopular but she is going to say it anyway. Having a point of view that many think is crazy for whatever reason is never easy but I think you have to have a high level of courage, esteem, and self-assurance to still go out and talk about it. Also she is body positive after recovering form anorexia which is a huge accomplishment in itself! Have a great day Muggles!

luna 2



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