The Wrap Up March 5-11

The sun is out and shining, I’m not looking at snow, and it’s Friday so I’m pretty freakin psyched for today!


marnutritionmonth1Continuing with the spirit of National Nutrition Month, the weekly wrap up is going to be a little different today. This post is all about giving you resources to educate yourself this month about proper foods to eat and how to live healthy all while being body positive! It’s important to keep your health and happiness in prospective. All of the content that is out on nutrition, dieting, calories, and so many other topics can just get overwhelming and drive a person crazy. Below are just a few tools you can use to exercise, cook, and read that you don’t need a PhD in nutrition to understand.

meme 2Choose My Plate– this site is by far the easiest tool I have discovered so far. When I was studying to become a mentor for Get Fruved (yesterday’s Spotlight Thursday) I had no idea what health was, looked like, or how I was going to talk to others about it. Choose my plate is literally a one-stop-shop site where you can find information on health as well as tools that are easy to use for beginners. You can find recipes, info in portion sizes, BMI calculators, checklist and so much more to help you on your healthy journey. And for an extra awesome point, they provide quizzes to test your knowledge on healthy facts and habits. Maybe quizzes only get me excited because I’m a nerd but still, everything you could need or want is here for you. This in my number 1 recommendation for all.

meme Beginner Cook– So I’m a true foodie. When it comes to food I am there with bells ringing but this was also my downfall when I tried dieting in the past. I am a firm believer that just because you want to eat healthy that flavor has to be sacrificed. I make no apologies for not want to eat plain steamed broccoli in the name of health so I found this great site at that has great flavorful food but is also healthy. They provide the list of ingredients, cooking time, and a picture of how it’s supposed to look when you’re done. I like this site because it also has vegetarian recipes but it is lacking in paleo and vegan options but I’m sure a seasoned veteran can make these recipes suite their vegan or paleo needs. Pinterest is an easier option if you are a beginner in the paleo or vegan lifestyle. Just look up clean eating and you will find tons of articles and recipe options.

hulu_plus_stackHulu Plus– so Hulu is shaping up to be useful in more ways than just watching TV shows. The latest edition to the mega streaming platform are exercise videos. Hulu just recently partnered with the makers of P90X (that super intense exercise program. You know the one I’m talking about) to bring personal training into your home. New videos are loaded every morning for you to do in the comfort of your home. This means you don’t have to go to the gym, put money down on a gym membership, or exercise next to the half naked girl or guy making strange grunt noises. Hulu is $7.99 a month and if you’re already a member you can get a 30 day free trail so it’s at least worth it to try and if you don’t like it, it only cost you 8 bucks which isn’t bad compared to what you could have spent on a membership and you only used that membership twice.






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