Let’s Talk About This…

Spotlight Thursday is back this week and in full force. I have to say that the point of Spotlight Thursday is to raise awareness about people who are aiding to the body positive movement in some form or fashion. There are so many people out there doing great things for the movement and they do it with no recognition so I just want to take the time to say hey to them and give a big thank you by profiling them for this blog.

I don’t know if anyone knew this but March is National Nutrition Month and I had no idea. So in honor of this special month our Spotlight Thursday will be a little different. Instead of focusing on a particular person, I would like to talk about this fantastic program happing at my university that focuses on nutrition and education in a really fun and positive way. So Let’s Talk About…



Get Fruved

fru 1I am so excited to talk about this amazing program that my university, West Virginia University, is a part of this year. It’s called Get Fruved (fruits and veggies. Get it?). The mission of this project is to raise awareness about healthy living styles among college students and decrease the percentage of teens/adolescents who are obese or overweight by arming them with the knowledge and support they need to make a positive and healthy lifestyle change. This project is all about teaching healthy skills and behaviors that can be utilized for life.

Get Fruved is a gem that was created by Sarah Colby, an assistant professor of nutrition at the University of Tennessee. Sarah really believes in the power of college students and how their power can change their campuses and make them a place that supports, demonstrates, and encourages healthy behaviors. This project was made possible by a grant that was given to the University of Tennessee to create programs about childhood obesity by the USDA and the dedication of others who really have a passion to tackle this epidemic that is obesity and what it is doing to our children, teens, and young adults.

All residents of WV who know about this program can appreciate their mission because WV is the second most obese state in the country and that is tragic. WV gets a lot of criticism and unfair stereotypes and stigmas attached to it because of this high ranking and that just doesn’t reflect well on the residents who are fighting to be healthy and trying their best to live a healthy lifestyle.

Get Fruved
The Get Fruved Team at West Virginia University

What is so awesome about this project is that it includes 13 other universities nationwide and WVU is one of them. Get Fruved has a table with different information every week in the Mountainlair Student Union and they also sponsor events promoting health like their upcoming Steps 4 Friendship Run/Walk 5k on March 12, 2016 at 9 a.m. which I will be participating in (this is my very first 5K ever so wish me luck please and thank you!). I encourage anyone who is in the area to come on out to the Hazel Ruby Mcquain Pavilion on the rail trail in downtown Morgantown and join us! You can register here or at the event starting at 830 a.m.

I encourage you to find a program like this in your area or if you’re at University of Florida, South Dakota State University, Kansas State University, Auburn University, Syracuse University, New Mexico State University, the University of Maine, Rutgers University, the University of Nebraska, the University of Rhode Island, the University of New Hampshire or Tuskegee University go participate in your fruved program ASAP because they are just awesome!




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