The Wrap Up Feb 27- March 4

OMG so much has been happening this week that Friday actually snuck up on me for the first time ever! Happy Friday to all and to all a fantastic weekend! Here are some awesome gems to take into the weekend…bar 4


bar 1This seems to be the year of Barbie. First she completely gets revamped with new body shapes, hair styles, and skin tones (thank goodness) and now she is modeling swimsuits with her new body types thanks to a new campaign by retail giant Target. The “Target Loves Every Body” campaign is meant to promote body acceptance and confidence for every body type but is also a small piece of the overall goal of Target which is to expand their selection of clothing to all body types that are often forgotten by many retail brands. I can only say it’s about time and this is long overdue so yeah for Barbie and yeah for Target. Do The Damn Thang!

bar 2In other news, the story I reported on previously involving Ashley Graham and Cheryl Tiegs has a follow up. After making some thoughtless comments regarding Ashley’s cover of Sports Illustrated and glamorizing full figured women in the media, Cheryl has apologized to Ashley and “anyone she may have hurt. I know everyone has an opinion and when you are famous, you have a platform to say it and for everyone to listen. Not everyone is going to like what you have to say. I get it! But for all famous people out there and everyone else, just remember think before you speak and you can save yourself a lot of face (and that’s a good thing)!

bar 3Has anyone heard of ModCloth? If so then you know they are amazing and if not you should look them up because this news just makes them more fantastic and awesome. They have recently completely abandoned the term “plus size” from their online store and have integrated everything together. This goes to show that the “Drop the Plus” campaign that I discussed some time ago is actually working and I can’t be more excited. Not only does ModCloth sell really trendy and unique fashions but now there is no more separation which can do so much good mentally and psychologically when you’re shopping either online on in a physical location. I encourage everyone to go out and shop your hearts out this week at ModCloth!

Have a good weekend!


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