The Wrap Up Feb 20-26

First I would like to welcome you to another weekend and congratulate you on making it through another week! Cheers to the weekend. Now let’s get into the wrap up…

The Wrap Up

plus 5Of course the Sports Illustrated cover featuring plus size model Ashley Graham is causing controversy because that’s just what things do that are not the norm. First you have one of the most annoying people on the planet Nicole Arbour, creator of Dear Fat People, chiming in with her opinion about the cover. Problem one is that Sports Illustrated is supposed to celebrate athleticism so having a plus size model on the cover was crazy on their part. Problem two isn’t with the model herself but the fact that Ashley works out to keep her plus size figure and she was probably photo shopped anyways. Ashley released a statement saying that the magazine didn’t Photoshop her image but let’s be honest, there are only a handful of images that are used in media that aren’t photo shopped and I highly doubt this is one of them. I’ll just throw a congrats out to the editors for not OVER photo shopping the cover. You can watch the video here to listen to the rest of her problems. She literally has a problem with everything! I’m not trying to promote her in any way, especially since she says she does this to get attention but…. She is annoying and I’m venting. The second bit of controversy comes from two time Sports Illustrated cover model Cheryl Tiegs. In her opinion, Ashley Graham’s mqdefault[1]cover and promoting plus sized models in general promotes an unhealthy lifestyle which is the main concern and argument of everyone against the body positive movement. Tiegs believes that full figured women shouldn’t be glamorized because they are bigger than what is deemed healthy, and this is fact because none other than Dr.Oz said it. I’m not discrediting Dr.Oz but his word is not law or bible. Also I don’t feel that Ashley promotes an unhealthy lifestyle because she encourages working out and eating right but she also encourages body acceptance and if you’re curvy then so be it. Moving on…

plus 1My new favorite thing is campaigns and I’ve been wanting to write about this for a while because this campaign is awesome. It’s called #DropThePlus. The mission of #DropThePlus is pretty simple and great. They are lobbying for the term “plus” and “plus sized” to be dropped from retail stores and websites and for everything to be all inclusive. Implying that someone is not normal carries negative connotations and created a stigma for anyone shopping in the “plus sized “section. The argument is that the term “plus” has lost its positivity and now means someone is out of the normal size range but the truth is, the majority of us are out of normal size range. The average size of a woman is 14 so it seems ludacris that anything over a size 4 is considered plus sized.

Tess-Holliday-Images-03640Our previous Spotlight Thursday Tess Holliday is getting verbally attacked by bikini model Ashy Bines. This all started with an extremely insensitive post on Instagram. I get the point that she was trying to make because she is basically making the same argument as above by Cheryl Tiegs but this was an awful way of doing it. She compares Tess to Ana Reston, a model who suffered from anorexia and died in 2006 from the illness. The point of the post was to say that Tess and Ana are not good role models for today’s youth. She goes on to say that Tess shouldn’t be called an inspiration because she is unhealthy and at risk for many healthy issues because of her weight. Post like this are frustrating to me and the body positive community form many reasons. The main reason is that the focus of the message that Tess spreads is being missed and/or misunderstood. Tess isn’t encouraging women to become a size 22 or become couch potatoes and live sedentary lives. All Tess is saying is you need to be comfortable with who you are and what body you plus 6have. That doesn’t mean don’t exercise, eat healthy ,or engage is healthy activity to change what you want to change on your body it means except your body type because you can’t change that no matter how big or small you are. If you’re tall you’re tall, if you have wide hips than you have wide hips. Live with it and love it! Ashy has no shame in her post and is sticking by her point of being healthy but many are calling her ignorant and insensitive to body positive issues and I have to agree. Have an opinion and make your point but use some tact!


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