Let’s Talk About This…

For this week I decided to focus on someone who is viewed as a true hero by many. For National Eating Disorder Awareness Week I wanted to talk about someone who has suffered from an eating disorder and recovered. She is an example of a work in progress and in my opinion, she is an amazing role model. So let’s talk about…

Demi Lovato

demi 4demiWe should all know who Demi is. She was once a squeaky clean kid on The Disney Channel and just like Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and The Jonas Brothers they all grew up and had to shed that child image that made them so famous. It was for this reason that the world was shocked when Demi came out and admitted that she not only had an eating disorder but also did self-harm. Demi checked herself into rehab in 2010 at age 19. She opened up to MTV with the well-received documentary Stay Strong. Demi acknowledges that her battle with anoxia nervosa and cutting is an everyday day battle but it’s a battle worth fighting. You can hear her strength in her music, particularly Skyscraper and Warrior.

demi 2Demi has since shared her story with not only her fans but the world. She has become an advocate for health and mental illness while she continues her battle. In 2014, Demi took to twitter to address some comments from “All About That Bass” singer Meghan Trainer. You can tell from the tweets that she is all about educating others about what health and mental illnesses are really about and I have to say that I love the fierceness about Demi’s attitude.

Today, Demi is the face of the “Be Vocal mental health campaign”. This campaign encourages others to speak up and act on behalf of others who are suffering from mental illness and are feeling alone or like no one is caring and looking out for them. Demi, who was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder while in rehab, makes the perfect spokesperson because she knows firsthand what the struggle is about and what needs to be done to help someone who is also suffering.

demi 3The bottom line is… I love this girl! I love her spirit. I love what she stands for and I love what she is fighting for! It is refreshing to actually see positive people in the media today that spread nothing but positivity and choose to use their platform to educate others. You Go Girl! You can follow Demi on Twitter here.



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