Talking Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Lovelies! I hope someone somewhere is having great weather because I’m expecting snow tomorrow! But any who today for National Eating Disorder Awareness Week I’m going to talk about 2 amazing campaigns to keep your eye out for this week. Let’s go…

neda 1

This first campaign is making big news in great ways. Aerie Lingerie, the intimate collection from American Eagle, just became the first to partner with the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA). The star of the campaign is model Iskra Lawrence, was actually dropped from a modeling agency as a teen for having big hips. I guess she got the last laugh!

Aerie has worked hard to define itself among big players in the intimate game like Victoria’s Secret and their way of approaching marketing is definitely working. Aerie refuses to Photoshop their models which means when you see their ad, you’re getting the real deal. What’s more awesome than that? You can buy their limited edition shirt made specially for this week here. 100% of the proceeds goes to NEDA. You know you want to! #strongbeautifulme


The second campaign is by Project Heal. Founded in 2008 by Liana and Kristina, who recovered from anorexia nervosa together, Project Heal raises money for anyone suffering from an eating disorder who wants to receive help but don’t have the funding. This year for National Eating Disorder Awareness week, they launched the #WhatMakesMeBeautiful campaign which focus on the traditional beauty standards of today and the lack of diversity and representation. This campaign is beautifully composed of images of real women, ones that are rarely seen in the media today. Learn more about Project Heal in the link above and feel inspired to donate. Anything helps!




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