The Wrap Up Feb15-19

Thanks to #NationalDrinkWineDay on Thursday, it was nothing but smooth sailing into Friday and now it’s time for the wrap up of the great events that happened this week in body positive news. I’m all about the positive because this was a hard week so let’s get started.

chub 1First, I have to give some love to an amazing 10 year old girl in New York named Ify Ufele who turned a negative into a positive. Ify was getting bullied at school for being an overweight fifth grader and decided to deal with the backlash by making clothes for her dolls with her grandmother. One thing led to another and now she is making history by becoming the only child designer to design for models at New York Fashion Week with her line “Chubiiline”. Ify describes her lines as “bringing Africa to America, one design at a time.” I love the spirit this girl has! She is such an inspiration and I hope to see much more from her in the future. Keep doing you!

The week continued with some excitement because Beth Ditto debuted her own plus size fashion line. I always get way too excited when I hear of another plus size fashion line coming out and hearing about this was now different. Beth is known for being an outspoken activist when it comes to body positive issues and demanding rights and support for the LGBTQ community. She is all about killing the stereotype and stigma surrounding the idea of what passes for excepted beauty standards today. She even went as far as working the runway with Kendall Jenner and Adriana Lima for Marc Jacobs. Beth’s line screams out with some loud colors, crazy great patterns, and sexy pieces all with a vintage look. When asked about the inspiration behind her pieces, she stated she wanted “something just for us, made with love and consideration.” She describes her collection as being “uncompromising, unapologetic, and timeless.” As you can already tell I am a fan but you can be the judge. Go shop her line now at!

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Lastly, I want to call attention to a campaign that I feel needs to be shared throughout the universe. I just started following this account on Twitter and I am completely moved so I’m sharing it on here. The Suicide Prevention and Stop Homophobia campaign is bringing to light just how important mental health is. Many people suffer silently because of the stigma that comes with mental disorders and illness and this campaign is all about stopping that and raising awareness. Also, homophobia is a form of hate and discrimination that is completely unacceptable on all levels. Before you go and hate on someone else for their lifestyle or for any reason, go and take a nice long look in the mirror and remember hating aint cute and neither is sheer ignorance. We are all different and that’s what’s makes us all beautiful! Please go visit and their Facebook to become aware.

bet 2

That’s my rant for the week. Please enjoy #NationalMargaritaDay this coming Monday and have a spectacular weekend!



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