The Wrap-Up



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This week is finally over and I for one am so ready for the weekend but first lets discuss some awesomeness. This week was full of good and bad news that has to do with body positivity and below are just some of my favorites. Let’s begin…

The week started off with a bang when Mattel debuted their new line of Barbie. Considering that Barbie has had the same unattainable figure since 1959, the 57 year long wait to see some diversity has finally come to an end. Mattel and their famous Barbie have been under fire for quite some time because of her shape or for being stereotypical with dolls from different cultures but this week Mattel finally did something right and I’m so excited. Mattel presented 3 new dolls to the collection on Tuesday. The new dolls have a curvy, petite, and tall body type that look more realistic to body types you’ll actually find in the world. Now the question is, does this move really matter? Many people are wondering what these new additions are supposed to do for society or what they are going to say to the children that play with them. Surprisingly or not surprisingly Mattel has experienced some backlash but it seems they are sticking firm to their decision to include more diversity to their line of dolls. Yeah Mattel!

The week only continued to be awesome when Sports Illustrated stepped out of the box and launched the Swim Sexy Swimsuits for All Campaign or #SwimSexy featuring famous plus sized model Ashley Graham along with London born beauty Philomena Mwao and the oldest women to ever model for Sports Illustrated Nicola Griffin (she is only 56 years old!). This campaign breaks so many stereotypical images for women and this is a huge step in the right direction for Sports Illustrated, who happens to be famous for the one type of body that you usually find on the cover of their magazines. Werk It Girls!



My last story is for you to think about and form your own opinion. Forever 21 is under some serious fire for some of the images they have used recently for their Forever21+ line on Instagram. The complaint: the models aren’t plus sized! Look at the picture below and you be the judge. It turns out that these pictures made the viewers feel fat instead of what it was trying to do which was represent plus sized women in fashion. In simple terms, plus sized women couldn’t relate to the models because they didn’t look like them. The pictures have since been deleted but the damage is done. I for one have faith that they will recover from this blunder since I’m a plus sized girl who shops at Forever21+ faithfully but they need to exercise some caution for their future plus sized endeavors. Just my opinion! What’s yours?

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