Let’s Talk About This…

It’s that lovely time again for Spotlight Thursday. This week is all about being outspoken even if others don’t particularly like what you’re saying. The whole point it to stay true to you and our spotlight is definitely the poster child for this so let’s talk about….

Whitney Way Thore

Whitney Way Thore is a force to be reckoned with and is definitely a controversial whineyconversation starting piece. She burst to fame on YouTube with her video series “A Fat Girl Dancing” and the rollercoaster just kept going. She now has her own show on the TLC network called “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” and is due to publish her own book later this year. She is also the founder of the No Body Shame (No BS) campaign which encourages living your best life now regardless of weight, sexual orientation, gender, skin color, height, etc.

Whitney has become controversial for calling people out on their crap like the time she made a video responding to a comedian who dished out some serious fat shaming last year. “Dear Fat People” by Nicole Arbour became viral almost overnight and not in a good way. The video caused so much negative backlash that its said YouTube shutdown for some hours due to being overloaded. Everyone from Perez Hilton to fellow YouTuber Grace Helbig came out of the woodwork to let Nicole know that her jokes about obesity really crossed the line. Whitney took matters into her own hands and posted a video calling out the comedian about her wrong doings and the video really rocked!

Calling people out for being sexist seems to be another one of Whitney’s hobbies. Just last whitney 1month Whitney posted a status on Facebook that got support and backlash at the same time. Her beef this time was with a cashier that stated he wasn’t going to follow through with her transaction unless she smiled. As simple as a request this may be, I know for a fact that it is still annoying when people tell you to smile. They have no idea what’s going on in your day and personally I think that the request is just rude. Apparently Whitney thought the same thing. She completely blasted this stranger on Facebook and has even taken the time to respond to viewers who thought that she just should have smiled and continued her day.

whitney 3The bottom line is that Whitney is truly just standing up for what she believes in and if that means being controversial then so be it. Her attitude towards being body positive has proven to be simply contagious and she definitely knows how to inspire others with her blog, TV show, and YouTube videos. Go follow Whitney now on Facebook, Twitter, and Insta!


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