Let’s Talk About This….

It’s Spotlight Thursday! The spotlight this week will really get you thinking because she is controversial. To some she embodies feminism, strength, and just plain bad assness but for others she is slutty, trashy, and not worth the time of day. You decide! I give you…


Amber Rose

Amber-RoseI think everyone in the world knows who Amber Rose is but if you don’t, continue reading and if you’re wondering why I chose Amber Rose than by all means keep reading. Despite all of the controversy surrounding this single mom, Amber actually has a good message about body acceptance, flaunting what you’ve got, and girl power so let’s talk about the positives on my girl and I apologize for the profanity in advance.

First let’s discuss her book/instruction manual “How to be Bad Bitch”. Aside from the title itself, you can tell that this book is screaming for attention and I love it! This book was a true hit or miss for many of its readers. I’m sure the sex tips she provides were a little risqué for some but it was all meant to empower and inspire.  Some took it as an instruction booklet telling women how to live their lives while others believed that the book speaks about being true to yourself as a women and never letting anyone take that privilege away from you. It’s a good read in my opinion.

Amber-Rose 3Second let’s talk about this huge event that happened in downtown Los Angeles in October called the “Slut Walk”. This event was the brainchild of Amber to address the sex and rape culture in America and also the demoralization of women by being called names like slut or whore and who better to lead this movement than a woman who has been called every name in the book. This event may have been looked at as Amber calling attention to herself but it was the total opposite. Slut Walk called to light many issues that are usually swept under the rug by legislation and law enforcement and this event screamed that women aren’t going to stand for it anymore. It was attended by hundreds of people and that’s pretty freaking awesome for this being the first Slut Walk ever by Amber!

Amber-Rose 4The bottom line is whether Amber is making a statement on the red carpet or calling someone out for being disrespectful, you can’t deny that she is outspoken and quick to shed light on the issues surrounding women today, regardless if you like how she does it. My verdict is that Amber Rose is a fantastic role model and figure for the body positive movement because she is all about standing up for women and making sure that they have a voice and that it’s heard. She also loves her body and isn’t uncomfortable about showcasing it. Go follow Amber on Twitter and Instagram now just like me. Enjoy


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