Me vs. Other Body Positive Blogs

bodyposwhitmanmeme1After looking at many different body positive blogs, I realized that many have of them have a few things in common. Yes they are all tackling the same issue but they are going about it in different ways. Some of the similarities besides the issue of body positivity itself is the reason they started a blog to begin with. The main reason is because they got tired of not seeing diversity in advertisements and on TV. We should all know by now that diversity is everywhere and it includes different body types, skin tones, hair type and it gets frustrating when you are seeing only one type of model to represent the whole. I think that it’s fantastic to see the change that is happening in the fashion industry but there is so much work that still needs to be done about body shaming and erasing the stigma around being different then what society says is beautiful and acceptable.

bodyposwhitmanmemeThe difference among these blogs is how they go about getting the message of body positivity out into the universe. Some blogs focus on creativity from others, some are fashion blogs, and others are advice columns about how to love yourself and make the best of what you have. Although I love all of the different ways people are expressing themselves about the issue, it seems like no one is talking about the issue directly and there is no news on the issue anywhere. This is a problem! It is fantastic to have fashion and advice blogs about body positivity, but no one is shouting a call to action to go out and speak about body positivity and honestly I wouldn’t have known that some were body positive sites if I didn’t go and do research on the author.

bodyposwhitmanmeme2I want to add my voice in the mix of all of these blogs and make it different by providing news and giving a call to action to the readers. Nothing is going to happen unless people are motivated to physically go out and make a change and stress the importance of being body positive. Don’t get me wrong, I think that the blogs that are out there ae fantastic but I think that more news stories need to be presented and that’s what I want to do with my blog. Hopefully I will only be adding to the tremendous amount of talent that’s already out there.


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