Spotlight Thursday

It’s that time again!! It’s spotlight Thursday and this week we are showing some love to our body positive men. Men are extremely underrepresented in the body positive movement but are just as vulnerable as anyone else. This lack of diversity can be frustrating and make certain groups feel excluded which is exactly what we don’t do here!  Our spotlight this week is on:


Bruce Sturgell

screen-shot-2013-07-02-at-7-47-11-pm1Bruce is a fashion male blogger who makes it his business to spread the message of body positivity for men and help men not with fashion but finding their personal style. He is the creator of the fashion blog Chubstr that serves as a forum for big and tall males to find information and resources about how to style themselves professionally and without limitations. He is also interactive with his blog with Answerland, a page where you can ask questions and he provides answers. Brice works tirelessly to reduce the negativity and stigma that’s associated with men who don’t look or fit into what society says is acceptable and favorable. His efforts through his blog along with his smart wit and chill attitude make Bruce pretty successful and vital key player in the body positive movement.


The true beauty of this site is its 100% ALL ABOUT MEN. No matter what you are looking for whether it is fashion tips, advice, or entertainment news, you can find it here along with being invited into an open community of men who want to know the same thing so there is no such thing as being embarrassed on this blog. Go follow this fantastic innovator on Twitter.




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