My Blog Inspirations!

Happy Monday! Below you will find a list of blogs that are covering the body positive movement the way I hope to be able to cover it one day. Each one of the blogs listed below is doing something that I find amazing whether it be how they are focusing on a particular group of people, their news content, or simply just how inspirational they are to its readers.

  1. Stop Hating Your Body is a blog with a great self-explanatory name. It covers every group of people in the world and also has a great mission statement.
  2. The Love Yourself Challenge Blog is filled with inspirational quotes that really can mean something to someone else. I also like the way this information is being presented to its readers.
  3. Fuck Yeah Body Positivity goes beyond just seeing body positivity as something that has to do with weight. It goes into what we need to change about society’s concept about what is deemed as beautiful today.
  4. Redefining Body Image serves as a blog where readers can present their creative works of art about body images. This helps get a real world view about how others are dealing with body image, the issues, and the illness that go with this sensitive topic.
  5. The Body Positive Tips Blog is just that- tips! These tips can serve as motivational to readers and can actually become personal mantras and daily living tips.
  6. Body Positivity for the Modern Man focuses on what body positivity means to men. This is a great source of inspiration and advice for men considering they are underrepresented when talking about this issue.
  7. The Body Image Project serves as a personal diary for its readers. They can post their response to the blogs question “When you look in the mirror, what do you see?” This blog can be relatable because it is essentially being written by the many people who choose to answer the question.
  8. The Body Image Center is a news and research based blog that focuses on men and eating disorders. This blog sheds light on how much of an impact eating disorders is making in the male community.
  9. Body Positive Men– If you’re a guy, then this is your one stop blog for fashion, news, resources, and just plain funny content about being a guy in the body positive movement. This blog also provides other people to follow.
  10. Positive Black Women– like the blog above, this is the center for everything you would want to know about being body positive in the black community. This blog focuses on black women in the media and fashion along with providing other people to follow to get relevant content.




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