Getting Down to the Nitty Gritty

This first serious post is to inform you about what body positive is, the issues that surround it, and why it’s important to know about it. I will always try to give two sides to every story because in my opinion, that’s the only way to make a sound judgement about what you want your role to be in the body positive movement and the changes you think need to happen.

The definition of body positive according to the urban dictionary is “accepting your body as it is and attempting to make everyone else feel comfortable in their own skin as well.” The fact is we all have things about our body that we don’t like whether it’s our eye shape, too short, too tall, too curly hair, etc. For me and for this blog, body positivity is going to be applied to the things about our body that CAN’T be changed. Someone is never going to be able to change how tall or short they are, that they were born with oddly shaped eyes, big/small ears, wide hips, a certain body type, etc. Any physical trait that can’t be changed at all or without a drastic surgery is what we want to be body positive about. Obsessing or being uncomfortable or self-conscience about something that is a permanent fixture on your body just doesn’t work. PERIOD!

This body positive blog will hopefully be different from the millions that are already out here because of this- I’m encouraging you to change the things about your body that you want to change because the end goal is for you to be healthy and happy. If you think that you need more muscle, be leaner, be slimmer through the middle, be fatter in the butt region, then by all means do the research on how to do it in a healthy way and then go to the gym. If you want bigger boobs, go get a push-up bra (NO SURGEY), if you want to be taller than wear high heels. This blog is all about loving what you can’t change and being healthy about the realistic things you want to change.

In no way am I going to be giving health and fitness advice because 1) I don’t want to and 2) in no way am I qualified to give any advice about health or fitness. I’m not a personal trainer, I’m not studying the science of exercise or anything like that for my college degree and I’m not a certified nutritionist. You also won’t find peoples before and after weight loss photos or weight loss/gain gimmicks because frankly, I’m so sick of looking at them myself. They can act as a motivation to some but can really be negative to others and I’m not about making anyone feel negative on this blog.

What I will be doing with this blog is focusing on people who are instrumental to the body positive movement regardless if they are famous or controversial. I will not only be focusing on women but men, homosexuals, and transgender as well because they are just as part of the movement as anyone else. I will also post news stories about the movement and weigh in on the positives and negatives they portray.

The issues

The main issue about the body positive movement is what people perceive the movement is telling them to do. Some people can take this movement and say “hey, I’m ok not being active and sitting on the couch and getting bigger and bigger by the second because I love myself.” The body positive movement has been called an excuse for people to be obese and lead an unhealthy lifestyle. If anyone remembers when Tess Holliday (our Thursday Spotlight figure!) graced the cover of People Magazine in May 2015, the controversy about that cover is just as memorable. People Magazine was flooded with letters chastising them about putting her on the cover because she is in fact morbidly obese, promotes an unhealthy lifestyle in some reader’s opinion, and isn’t a suitable role model for children. Granted, I honestly believe that this wasn’t the goal of the magazine to promote anything bad or negative but unfortunately that is how it was perceived by some.


Why is this important and what it has to do with you

The reason this is important is super simple. This is a controversial issue! This means that people are talking about and it means something. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be talking about it. The US is growing more and more health conscience everyday with wanting GMO’s labeled, the organic food craze, vegan and pagan diets are everywhere, and the body positive movement is in the middle of all of it because being body positive and healthy go hand in hand for many people. This only has to do with you if you care about this issue and what it means for the present and future!


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